Our Story

In the beginning, there was a dream…

We wanted to combine our passion for top quality agriculture, artisanal produce and cooking by creating exceptional preserves in glass jars, to make the day to day life so much easier.

Catherine Bodson

Catherine’s nature is the earth… Straight from the Bodson nurseries in Herstal and the love the love of a job well done.
Her inspiration? The women in her family and cooking. Aunt Aline, in charge of the hotel Jacoby in Lacuisine (this is not a French joke), Aunt Yvonne and her jams from Scherpenheuvel and her darling Grand-Mother in the café Sanderus in Antwerp.
Pipaillon was born of a desire to bring together these roots and a passion for cooking, venturing into the production and distribution of jarred conserves.

Julien Leclercq

As for Julien, it’s first his friendship with Catherine that made him push open the doors of Pipaillon.
He started as a client, and Pipaillon soon became his favourite canteen and delicatessen of choice, supplying himself with jars for his home recipes.
In the summer of 2014, Julien set foot in the workshop, first of all to observe, and then in a consultancy role and finally, he jumped on board becoming an associate of this wonderful adventure. Who knows why, the idea of opening a bar-canteen lurked around the back of his mind. And over time, the integration of the cannery, the kitchen and the grocery store took place. We are fortunate to say that the project of associates became his own personal project.

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