Inspired by Catherine' roots & childhood memories

Handmade Happiness for Food Lovers!

At Pipaillon, we share happy memories, good food & love!

Our simplicity & savoir-faire give birth to genuine & delicious recipes that will make each moment of your day instantly better: Jams, Chutneys, Tapenades, Pickles & Preserved lemons.  The best jars can be.

We pride ourselves in working with only the finest certified organic ingredients from the best local producers who lovingly tend to their crops.

Our products are seasonal & swiftly handmade in our workshop after each picking.
So, if the pickings aren’t bountiful, we patiently wait for mother nature to provide us with more next season!




Our Story

The flavours trapped in Pipaillon's jars have seduced customers since 2014: the year Catherine Bodson, the founder, decided to change the course of her career at the age of 50. 

Inspired by the sweet memories of her aunt Yvonne's jams, she launched the workshop and started cooking delicious jams in copper pots, the old-fashioned way.

Her secret? The right balance between fruit, sugar and lemon: for example, with strawberries from the field (in May), ripe to perfection or oranges from Sicily (in winter) with a hint of rosemary.

At the time, Catherine was looking for a new challenge after a successful international career in the private and public sector.s  With Pipaillon, she found a way to combine her passion for precious pleasures in life with her respect for sustainable agriculture, and Pipaillon was born.

While Catherine started her great adventure alone, Julien Leclercq joined her six months later. He set foot in the workshop as a friend and customer, but quickly became an advisor and eventually joined the company. He now manages production in Pipaillon's workshop with a meticulous eye, ensuring unmatched quality output.

The striking duo works closely together on a daily basis - an unfailing harmony, thanks to their shared love for the best products and their keen sense of humour.

The Atelier

The secret of good jars?  

We source our organic ingredients from local farmers in Belgium, France and Sicily.

We have an amazing team to develop the unique Pipaillon savoir-faire, made of ancestral preservation techniques and modern tools.

The Pipaillon jars are 100% handmade and full of love.

Our techniques?

  • The sugar for the jams 
  • The salt for the capers, olives and lemon confit 
  • The vinegar for the chutneys 
  • The oil and the pasteurisation for the tapenades

So Good, so Chic!


Our Ranges


We take our time so you can enjoy yours!  Our jams are gently heated for two days so we can extract every bit of every fruit.  

 Rock Jams •  Each of the Rock Jams includes fruit, sugar, lemon, spices and all of Pipaillon's savoir-faire.  

 Classic Jams The Classic Jams are made for those who like it classy and classic, just pure and great taste.


Our chutneys are essentials, like the little black dress in a sauce.  They subtly balance fruits, onions, dried fruits, vinegar, sugar & spices for an unforgettable sweet & salty experience.

Try them in your sandwiches, with cheese, with meat & poultry or with veggie salads.


Simple pleasures, great tapas:

Our 3 tapenades are made of olives (green and black) and sundried tomatoes.  They combine olive oil and only the finest almonds and capers from Sicily, you’ll notice how mellow and crisp this favourite are.


Whole Sicilian lemons for a Moroccan classic!  Not only for the traditional couscous and tajines.  Also for roasted chicken: half a lemon inside, the other outside, then roast the poultry.
Rinced and diced, Yellow Submarine will accompany fish tartare or lentils and quinoa salads with a dash of olive oil.

Pipaillon's Ranges in detail

Pipaillon & The Cheese

Pipaillon Flagship Store

The right place!

The sole and only place whare you can find all Pipaillon delights, gift boxes, our lifestyle range and even Limited Editions.

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Friday

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Tel: +32 2 201 22 08



Stores & Distribution


Belgium & Luxembourg

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Bjorn’s []
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F. Azwanger []
Getreidegasse 15
5020 Salzburg


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Fine Food Trade []
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        La Grande Epicerie de Paris (Paris 7e et 16e)

        Café Marbre (Paris 12e)


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Pipaillon for Perdine at: Lee Sung Dang Bakery
Seoul – South Korea


Brandhoutkaai, 11
1000 Brussel

Tel: +32 2 201 22 08


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