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Quince & Spices Jam (Dancing Quince)

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Confiture Coing & épices à pain d'épices
Kweepeer & peperkoekkruidenconfituur
Quince & Gingerbread spices Jam

INGREDIENTS: Coing* (57 %), sucre* (42%), jus de citron*, épices à pain d'épices* 
INGREDIËNTEN: Kweepeer* (57%), suiker* (42%),  citroensap*, peperkoekkruidenmengeling*
INGREDIENTS:  Quince* (57%), sugar* (42%), lemon juice*, gingerbread spices*.

A conserver au frais après ouverture - Koel bewaren na opening

FR:  Une marmelade de coings d'ici que font chanter les épices. Se savoure en dessert (genre panna cotta), avec un yaourt, du fromage blanc, et soyons fous, sur une tartine. Et puis, bien sûr, une terrine.  C'est divin, un point c'est tout.
NL:  Een marmelade van kweeperen van bij ons met kruiden die helemaal tot hun recht komen. Als dessert, met yoghurt, kwark, vanille-ijs, schapen- of geitenkaas, met paté. Of ook nog, op de boterham. Gewoonweg goddelijk.
EN:  Belgian quince marmalade with a touch of spices.  Fits with almost everything: yoghurt, cheese, terrines, bread...In one word: divine.

Customer Reviews

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rik pieters
The photo of the Dancing Quince Jam is the one i really want.

That’s a good one. The photo of the Dancing Quince Jam is the one i really want. I have investigated in this. Their are three different quince jam. And the one and only is that one in the picture. The one with the black curled edge on the paper. That’s the good one. The other two are just not good enough. No Quince Jam in my opinion. I really hope you will make that great Dancing quince jam again.

Thank you Rik for your comment and the five stars.
This is exactly it: seasonal means that we depend on mother nature's generosity. Handmade means that our productions are not calibrated.
So, from one season to another, you might have a change in the taste, colour, it all depends on the fruit itself. As far as quinces are concerned, the last two years have been difficult (find good ones was a challenge). So, let's cross fingers for the next season. Meanwhile, you will receive a new batch of your beloved Dancing Quince!

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