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Our Values

We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our ingredients.

 Our Motto: Taste – Simplicity & Pleasure

Our organic ingredients are sourced from the best local farmers, who respect their land and the future generations. 

The Pipaillon jars are 100% handmade, flavourfully outstanding and filled with love.

Social Responsibility:

    Pipaillon employs disabled workers at each stage of its production process. We want to ensure our partnership enables them to reach their potential in a rewarding job while developing essential skills to promote their integration into the labour market.

    A wonderful human adventure, the true art of living.

    Environmental Responsibility:

    Short food supply chains are the essence of our work. The closer, the better.

    Besides, we also transform agricultural surpluses into jarred preserves, thus reducing food waste. In doing so, we enable farmers to create value and an additional income.

     Good for you, good for society.


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